About Summit

The SET 2020 Energy Summit is aimed at the business sector - entrepreneurs (energy producers, companies wishing to apply RES in their business), professionals, investors, consultants, entrepreneurs, government representatives, local communities, cities and municipalities and the same profile of participants in surrounding countries regions and EU zones.
With the idea of ​​connecting experts whose knowledge is a prerequisite for the development of society as a whole, the Summit's mission is to achieve a better connection between economy, politics and science.
At the Summit, moderators and panelists will talk about legislative frameworks and guidelines for energy policy of the Republika Srpska and the region in the coming period, with support mechanisms for the use of energy from renewable sources, ie biomass and biogas, hydropower, solar and wind, and will present current projects implemented in Republika Srpska and the region with a focus on real issues. The Trebinje Energy Summit is a place to talk about renewables, energy efficiency, sustainable energy transportation, reducing CO2 emissions, and air quality.
The overriding goal of organizing the Trebinje Energy Summit (SET) is to make SET a leading energy conference specifically focused on Republika Srpska. This 2020 Summit will be held in the halls of the Cultural Center complex in Trebinje, March 05 and 06, where we will explore the latest market, political and technological changes in the energy industry.
Here are some topics and questions to focus on:
Electricity production from renewable energy sources is growing rapidly in the region, especially for wind and sun.
What is the impact of renewables on the price of energy? What about air quality?
How will the projected increase in solar production in the next 5-10 years affect the national economies?
Electric vehicles are still below 1% of new car sales, despite great enthusiasm for them.
What are the projections for electric vehicles in the future?
Can electric vehicles help solve the region's air quality problems?
What are the options for urban public transport?
What role would utility companies play?
Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the largest producers of carbon dioxide in Europe.
What are the best strategies for reducing carbon dioxide?
Will state and EU incentives to reduce carbon dioxide production come to fruition?
What do oil companies do to reduce their emissions?
BiH is lagging behind in energy efficiency despite a 10-year history of participation in EE programs.
Will the state support energy efficiency programs?
Can programs change to focus more on time and location?
Do low-income Balkan residents benefit from clean energy?
These are just some of the questions we will address at this unique Summit. Come and participate. Do you have ideas for panel topics or are you interested in sponsoring the Summit?
Please contact setrebinje@gmail.com