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We are honored that for the fifth time Elektorprivreda Republike Srpske and the company SET d.o.o. with the institutional support of the Government of Republika Srpska, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations and the Secretariat of the EU Energy Community, organizes the International Energy Summit „ SET TREBINJE 2024“, which brings together a large number of eminent experts, scientist and decision makers in the area of energy, economy and industry. All together we are gathered around the same idea, to boldy step towards an energetic future that brings us structural and fuctional changes.

We must take seriously the path ahead of us, in terms of drafting strategic documents, approaching European policies, defining joint projects and goals that will enable us to join European and world trends in energy transition.

The mission of the Summit is to achieve a better connection between the economy, politics and science. For all of us, the gathered participants, energy is a question of all issues, and we focused on the energy future of the Western Balkans, the processes of transition, that is, the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. This is important for all electricity companies in the region, as well as for all our citizens.

Our potential is ourselves.       

If we put the existing natural potentials and capacities in a common service, we will achieve greater benefits and better results. With stronger economic cooperation, we will become more competitive on the European market, and that is the goal we have all set for ourselves. It is important to understand that we live leaning against each other, we use the energy of one sun, the same waters … and we should act accordingly.

We must preserve natural resources, use them carefully and put them in the function of progress and development. At the Summit, we will have the opportunity to hear from recognized experts what reforms are needed to protect the environment and help consumers increase energy efficiency, as well as the production of electricity from renewable energy sources, and reduce consumption.

During the Summit, Trebinje will be a place for talks on renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, sustainable energy transport, reduction of CO2 emissions, and air quality. We will not measure the success of this Energy Summit by the number of visits, although it brings together more than 400 participants from the world of energy in the region, but we will measure it by the results achieved after its holding, with the realization of individual and joint projects that will be discussed at the Summit.

This year, for the participants of the Summit, we have prepared ten panels on which we are going to discuss about the most actual topics in this moment in the region. Participants will have the opportunity to arrange business meetings during the Summit days and we will have presentation of ten expertal works by proffesors and experts from prestigious regional faculties and expert institutions.

On behalf of the organizers of the Summit, we thank the program and expert comitee of the “Energy Summit SET 2024” for the preparations of this event, while we wish all participants successful work and a pleasant stay in Trebinje, the city of sun, wine and platan tree.

“Building the energy future of the Western Balkans together”


Aleksandar Branković




Trebinje Energy Summit 2024

March 20th, 21st and 22nd 2024.

P.I. Culture Center Trebinje

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