New Banjaluka brand City Gecko soon on the streets and in the parks.

Početna >> Novosti >> New Banjaluka brand City Gecko soon on the streets and in the parks.

City Gecko, little green lizard with big green plans, together with inovative company “Telemax” Banjaluka, started new brand of urban mobilar, creating a group of smart solutions that transform pure eco-solar energy into electricity.

There are currently three smart bench moduls in Gecko’s Lab: Solar, Wood and Wheel. Solar version of modul Supreme already saw the first lights of the sun.

Gecko paid special attention to the unique modular design, which allows the combination of multiple same or different moduls to get new, fantastic shapes suitable for everyone’s eco needs.

Each module is simply named, so Solar module is solar bench with panels that capture lizard’s favorite energy of the sun, module Wood bench that provides comfort and feel to everyone known wooden bench, while, with the Gecko’s favorite module Wheel is created for more eco purposes. In addition to serving as a parking lot for electric bikes and bicycles, it can also be a pot for plants or a recycle bin, further enhancing the conservation and protection of the urban environment.

” We wanted to create eco product which will be of use to modern society, and a product with which users – urban city lizards similar to our Gecko, could be indentified” said Telemax.

City Gecko smart solar benches will serve as place where the citizens of urban centers will be able to recharge their batteries and batteries of their devices via USB or wireless chargers, enjoying the sun and using renewable solar energy.

Gecko is working hard and testing of all its modules is coming to an end, a module Solar version Supreme is ready i you can order it in Bussines Center Telemax.

You can find out more about the offer, modules and their application on


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