DWELT presents software solutions for fault-free electricity supply system at Trebinje Energy Summit

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As a partner of the “Elektroprivreda RS”, through a software project to support the supply of electricity to more than 500,000 consumers, IT company Dwelt participated in the Energy Future of the Western Balkans Summit in Trebinje.

Stefan Krneta, the founder of Dwelt, was the keynote speaker and participant in the panel “Modern Networks – Smart Energy”. In presenting the project of cooperation with “Elektroprivreda RS”, Krneta pointed out that its own software system, Platform X, should help the national company transform itself and enable easier forecasting of consumption and thus increase the income from electricity exports.

Krneta explained that Dwelt’s collaboration with Elektroprivreda is through the development and implementation of a core software system for the electricity supply directorate and enables “Elektroprivreda” to manage more than half a million customers. For the first time in the region after the separation of distribution and supply, the first calculation was made without accounting errors and without delay – to this fact Dwelt is extremely proud.

– As a domestic company, with more than 20 engineers employed, Dwelt had two additional motives for making the project with ERS flawless. The first, to create a system for generations to come and the second, to create a system that will improve the market position of the strongest national company. That is why the best people work on this project, use the latest technologies, development is based on the latest scientific achievements, and we at Dwelt hope that soon we will realize a similar project beyond the borders of our country – said Krneta.

He added that we are living in a time when IT companies are intensively changing the traditional energy market – for the better – for both the user and the provider.

– Specifically, Dwelt’s Platform X software product – which provides the service provider with maximum network optimization, reliability and security, and offers end-users the ability to directly control and manage their own power consumption. The system offers the ability to detect and prevent electricity theft, but also to detect equipment malfunctions. Our vision is to give citizens the privilege to have full control over their energy consumption in their housing units through computers or smartphones and what not if they save the same sales to the national energy grid – Krneta said.

He explained that their software product, recognized by quality beyond our borders, was supported by the invitation of the organizers of the Eco summit to participate in the panels of the summit to be held in Berlin in early May, which brings together leading European startups, investors and corporations .

– We firmly believe that the next 10-20-30 years will be “bridge challeging” since we are on this planet. Artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, 3d printing, big data, IoT, electric vehicles, 5G internet, virtual reality. These technologies will be ready for mass use in a very short time. From my point of view, we are just living a historic moment of energetic digital transformation – Krneta concluded.

In the end, Krneta praised the organizers of the summit, who, he said, responded to the current needs of the energy market, service providers and users, and provided the participation of eminent representatives of the energy sectors and from the region, as well as our IT experts whose vision of digital transformation of the energy sector meets the needs domestic companies as well as in the global market.

SOURCE: eKapija.com

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