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BANJA LUKA- Three student of the University of Banja Luka, today promoted the application ” Smart parking”, which was put into operation in the Borik public garage.

The aim of the application is to find parking in the city easier and reduce the crowd, and its authors Rastko Zeljković and Dragan Ivanović, students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and Danilo Vuković, a student of the Faculty of Economics, were awarded for it at the “My five minutes” competition.

The application is a pilot project financially supported by Prointer ITSS.

The application was presented by Ivanović, who pointed out that the work is based only on this one parking lot at Alley Center so far, but hopes that it will soon be on other parking lots and public garages in the city and in other local communities.

The goal of the application is to reduce the traffic jams in the city and at any time people can see where they have the closest available parking space, as well as all available parking spaces in the city, Ivanović said.

According to him, the application “Smart parking” is available on the Play Store and website, and users can at any time get information on wheter there are available spaces in a certain parking lot and how much, as well as more detailed information about parking, zones and prices.

After the test phase, the application works, as does the display for free parking spaces at the entrance to the parking lot and garage. We implemented the project with the logistical and financial support of “Prointer ITSS” as a gift to the city, said Ivanović.

Mayor Igor Radojičić said the city is always commited to improving traffic conditions.

We are trying many projects to reduce congestion in the city, roundabouts have been built and traffic infrastructure has been improved in many settlements, said Radojičić.

He added that the goal is to optimize the use of parking to allow citizens to spend as little time in traffic as possible by looking for vacant parking spaces.

Bojan Vujić, director of “Prointer ITSS”, said he always supports young and talented authors.

This is 100% student copyright work, and we financially supported it and our experts assisted them in their work. This is further evidence that we have experts and that we want them to stay here and prosper, Vujić said.

SOURCE: Nezavisne novine.

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