Technologies inevitably need to adapt to digital development in energy too – What are the plans of Infinity International Group?

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Infinity International Group is a technological group and a regional leader in the fields of information technologies, electrical energy, digitization and electric mobility. By achieving successful business results and building partnerships with some of the largest and most important global companies, we put quality in the focus of our business, says the group, which will take part in and sponsor this year’s Trebinje Energy Summit.

They are gathering strategic leaders, industrial experts, engineers, people with practical experience in business, designers, programmers, data managers and many others, “so as to together create your unique path to success”.

– Our solutions implemented in the public sector, healthcare, electrical energy, aviation industry, telecommunications, finance, production, transport, retail and many other industries. So far, as a group, we have implemented more than 3,000 important projects.

Companies-members of Infinity International Group which operate in the BiH market are Prointer ITSS, Kaldera, Infinity ADS and EP Mobile.


The focus of the future operations of Kaldera is on investments in the energy sector, with special attention paid to smart management (savings, maximum usage of energy capacities and optimization and management of power facilities and network), renewable energy sources and “smart” network.

– The pandemic has certainly accelerated the process of digitization in all social spheres. It has certainly turned out that, in energy as well, it is inevitable to adapt the technologies to digital development and use online tools and software support. Due to this, we are especially proud that a leading IT company Prointer is also a member of the Infinity Group, so this synergy will surely boost the energy sector. In the upcoming period, we have big plans. We will focus on penetrating the foreign market, because we believe that we have the capacity and the quality to show to other markets as well how much we know and how capable we are. One of the challenges we want to overcome in the next period is to solve the issue of transport and restriction on movement of people and goods. Certainly, carrying out works in these special conditions of the pandemic will be more difficult in the next period as well, but it will not stop us from expanding our operations – Kaldera told eKapija.

They point out that they are preparing new products in the BiH market, which they will offer to the energy sector.

– In addition to the wide portfolio of our services and products, we will also offer armored substations and 35-kV medium-voltage cells.

Source: eKapija

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