ERS to Have 1,000 MW from RES Installed by 2029 – So Far, 30% of Hydro Potentials Utilized

Third Trebinje Energy Summit Opens

Solar and Wind Farms Throughout the Region, Digitization and New Technologies – What Sponsors of 2022 Trebinje Energy Summit Say (2)

How to Handle Energy Challenges – Moderators of 2022 Trebinje Energy Summit Announce Interesting Discussions

Trebinje Energy Summit from March 16 to 18 – Most Important Topics and Trends in Energy Profession in Three Days

Construction of Facilities, Prosumers as New Important Players, Issuing of Green Bonds – What Sponsors of 2022 Trebinje Energy Summit Say (1)

Which topics will be raised at the Trebinje Energy Summit 2022? – Decision makers and experts in one place

The Balkans and coal, a story with an end? – What the region’s countries plan

Region’s Challenges in Switching to Solar and Wind Power Plants – North Macedonia Brave in Reforms, RS Wants Over 1,000 MW Based on RES in 10 Years

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