SET 2022: Not Having a Gas Pipeline Infrastructure is the Most Expensive Option

SET 2022: Study of Electric Mobility in BiH Arriving This Summer

SET 2022: Why Are ESCO Companies a Good Choice When Investing in Energy Renewal?

SET 2022: What Caused the Turbulence in the Prices and Trading of Electricity in the EU and the Region?

SET 2022: The Bugbear of Balancing – How Will the Connecting of New Capacities from RES Influence the Energy Network?

SET 2022: Challenges of Decarbonization of the Region – Emission Unit Trading as Potential Opportunity

SET 2022: The Region and Energy Transition – Who is the Champion, and Who Still Has a Lot of Work to Do?

SET 2022: Transformation of Energy Sector Requires Synergy of Science, IT Companies and Decision-Makers

SET 2022: BiH Is Supplied with Oil and Petroleum Products, Still Looking for a Model of Forming Mandatory Reserves

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