Elnos Follows Demands of Energy Sustainable Future – Group Announces Increase of Renewable Energy Capacities

Gordan Kolak, CEO of KONCAR – We are focused on the development of technologies and products that will combine green and smart

Stasa Kosarac, Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH – There Should Be Laws on RES on Entities’ Levels by the End of 2021

Energy Future of Western Balkans Lies in Decarbonization – States Set Goals, Solar Power Plants and Wind Farms a Priority

Smart energy grid provides infrastructure and empowers consumers – The future of electricity transmission and sales brings challenges and European trends

EU strengthens diplomatic action for Green Plan – Green agenda for Western Balkans under preparation

EBRD and KfW are increasingly active financiers of energy projects in BiH – What do we offer and how to get foreign investors’ money?

DWELT presents software solutions for fault-free electricity supply system at Trebinje Energy Summit

Trebinje can match Southern Bavaria in solar power generation – How can the Western Balkans turn to green energy?

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